A Blast from the Past

By: Stephen Wilaj Updated: Oct 31, 2016 08:39 PM
New Castle house: Quaint, warm a up…haunted? By Len Rome – NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WYTV) – Overlooking New Castle is North Hill, a neighborhood of spooky old homes, including one that will soon become a bed and breakfast. They’ll call it the Belladonna Inn on East Wallace Avenue, a home from a much older time — quaint, warm…and haunted. The guide for WYTV’s seance, Michele Saling, called on the memories and the energies trapped in the walls. “Now I’m protected,” Saling said. “I mean I have my own spirit guides, I have my own teachers on the other side and we’re safe in the circle of love that we’re going to create today from…I’ll just say mischief.” How about mischief from an 8-year-old girl who’s searching for someone? The co-owner of the Belladonna, Mariah Kakis, has seen the child on an upper floor. “I got up and went out into the hall, looked around,” Kakis said. “She just had this weird quality like she wasn’t really real from the get-go — like see through, almost misty.” Saling knows the girl drowned not far away. “She’s here because she wants her mommy to know she’s OK,” she said. And maybe the child has a friend in a ghostly cat that roams the halls forever? Saling’s husband, Dustin Moran — and Mariah too — have watched it appear out of nowhere. “When it runs up the stairs, that’s it,” Moran said. “As soon as she turns the corner to go up the stairs, she’s gone.” There’s more to this house, like the sound of heavy footsteps — just footsteps — and the man Dustin saw dressed in 19th century clothing, looking down at him from the stairs. “As soon as I saw it, it kind of like disappears — went away,” Moran said. “Later on when I went up the stairs and looked around, I didn’t see anything at all. “But he’s been present since basically I walked into this room. He wants to know what we’re doing,” Kakis said. Why, we’re listening for the dead…and who’s afraid of that? “And as we sit in the circle surrounded by the white light of the divine, we are safe,” Kakis said. Safe…until the next haunt…Happy Halloween. For more info on the Belladonna Inn, check out its official website. Copyright by WYTV – All rights reserved