The Joy of Reiki Healing

The energy flows through my fingertips
As I channel Reiki’s healing bliss
A force of love, so pure and bright
Bringing harmony to the soul’s delight
With each gentle touch
I feel the power
Transforming pain into a blooming flower
The tension melts away like morning dew
As Reiki’s magic works its way through
The mind finds peace, the heart finds rest
As the body is renewed, and fully blessed
The spirit awakens, as energy flows
In a dance of healing, from head to toes
Oh, what joy, what beauty, what light
As Reiki’s loving touch fills the night
A blessing to the world, a gift so pure
A healing art, that forever endures
So let the energy flow, and the healing begin
As Reiki’s grace fills the soul within
For in this moment, we are whole and free
Embracing the joy of Reiki’s healing energy